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    Particia Lockwood

ISBN: 9780141984599

Priestdaddy: A Memoir

by: Particia Lockwood

this is the tale of how a thirty-something poet once dubbed ???The Smutty-Metaphor Queen of Lawrence, Kansas??? by The New York Times was forced by the cost of an operation to move back in to her parents??? rectory, husband in tow, and of what they found there: a gun-toting, guitar-riffing, frequently semi-naked father who also happens to be a priest, a mother who speaks in peculiar, gnomic phrases and scents danger everywhere; and, behind it all, the complex legacy of a childhood spent in the bosom of the Catholic Church.

GHS 50.00

Meet the Author
I grew up in a small??Southern Missouri??town, and eventually moved to Southern California to finish my doctorate in psychology. Now that I'm living in??Los Angeles I can better appreciate how??culturally diverse and complex relationships can be, which has greatly influenced??how I??negotiate both personal and business relationships.??Growing up in a community where addiction, economic struggles, and prejudice were common I find that I have a strong sense of??empathy for??how stuck, powerless, or unaccepted a person can feel. ??Moreover, growing up with and learning from??business savvy mentors I find that I have a knack for advising people on how to make strategic choices to improve their careers??or enhance their organization's??functional capacity.??I feel it is my duty to try to help people (and businesses) feel??empowered??so that they can succeed . I am??currently employed at??PCI Westlake Centers??as a staff Psychologist. I do"Live talks" on Sundays about topics related to mental health, wellness, psychology, and neuroscience.?? ???For the last ten years??I have worked in various for-profit??and non-profit??companies. I have enjoyed serving my clients in both??the clinical and??business worlds, and I??look forward to partnering with you to create lasting success. Please feel free to get to know me better and??contact me!
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About This Book

The hilarious memoir of life as the daughter of a gun-toting, Catholic priest.


ISBN: 9780141984599
Publisher: Penguin
Publish Date: 3 may 2018
Page Count: 352

“Priestdaddy: A Memoir”

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